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British Blinding Laser weapons



According to Broadcasting British Corporation, the British Ministry of defense recently revealed insight into future defense innovation development plan, a number of high powered laser weapons may be put into production, and one of the most striking is the dragonfly UAV detection system.

Laser weapons allow the pilots to instantly blind

"Star Wars" style may also become a new equipment of the British army.According to the "Daily Mail" reported the schematic, the burning laser weapons are being developed to aim at the UAV from the ground and conventional aircraft, and in three ways to attack the enemy. First, burn a big hole in the enemy wing, destroy the electronic equipment, in order to destroy the aircraft.  Second, let the crew instantly blind by laser, forcing the plane down. Third, using a laser sensor to attack aircraft, the aircraft can not work properly. In this case, the plane is still able to fly, but can't launch missiles or bombs.

At the same time, the virtual reality technology will be used for the training of British soldiers. The British defense ministry is currently using "virtual reality helmet" to received simulated wartime training. This means that the soldiers were sent to the front before the test, in order to reduce unnecessary casualties.

 450nm 10000mw Blue Laser Pointer Pen

Always perched on the windowsill to monitor suspect

The UAV can fly into the enemy camp , as the soldier spy on the enemy's position, let the terrorists have no place to hide.Machine developed by animal ecology company which is located in British Oxford without a dragonfly. According to the design draft, dragonfly UAV designed based on two pairs of wings of insects which have shaped and four legs in the air, it can fly stably in various modes with a Laser Sight .

Through the examination to become a reality

However, not all of these 100mw Laser Pointer will become a reality. Only through the innovation and Research Bureau insight into months of review, these products in order to get the development fund for the British Ministry of defense for 800 million pounds at the end of this year, and from the laboratory to the battlefield in the next 10 years.

In order to make the UAV collect intelligence dragonfly in day and night, the researchers installed the most advanced sensor system at the front of it. The sensing device make it can detect the immediate objects and buildings, avoiding obstacles in high speed flight.Except for the detection of complex environment of the city, the dragonfly UAV will also be used for battlefield environment investigation, terrorist information such as the location for the soldiers. Due to the size of dragonfly UAV, it is too small to find. This gadget can even fly into full Jihad, heavily-guarded room, providing information to the front through the pictures of the way.

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