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Laser pointer light is highly concentrated into a very narrow beam

Several 2000mw Laser experts say the enforcement of regulations is already insufficient and ineffective. "It's a whole can of worms," Dr. Goldwasser said, recalling that he recently received a 100-milliwatt laser as a gift from HTPOW Lasers.The laser injuries Dr. Shepard Bryan has seen at his practice in Mesa, Ariz., involved red lasers, which laser fans like Mr. Triano consider pass. Green is more easily perceived by the eye and the beam is visible along its path.

American National Standard for the Safe Use of green laser pointer (ANSI Z136-2007) Section 1.2 and Table 1. Lasers that exceed 3R emissions limits are classified as 3B or 4.In sports, there have been cases of "laser louts" who aim lasers at sport players in a stupid attempt to disrupt the play. It goes without saying this is unacceptable and is illegal. It is this kind of behavior that causes the public to support a ban on laser pointers.

All green lasers we offer have a wavelength of 520nm and is a direct-diode semiconductor laser. Most green high power laser pointers on the market today have a wavelength of 532nm and is a DPSS (diode pumped solid state) laser. While this may seem like a minor difference, there is, in fact, a major difference between the two types of lasers; A Red Laser Pointer has obvious improvements in power, stability, and durability compared to 532nm green lasers.

Since green direct injection laser diodes aren't readily available, this pointer is based on the use of Diode Pumped Solid State Frequency Doubled (DPSSFD) laser technology. A high power IR laser diode at 808 nm pumps a tiny block of Nd:YVO4 generating light at 1,064 nm which feeds a KTP intracavity frequency doubler crystal to produce the green beam at 532 nm.

HTPOW 405nm 500mw Laser Engraver Machine

In addition to visible light, some green laser pointers also emit invisible infrared (IR) light. This is most common in cheap, poorly-constructed lasers where an IR filter is not used due to saving a few cents. This can lead to a literally invisible hazard. For example, one laser tested by a U.S. government agency had a dim visible green light while outputting 20 mW of IR (four times the U.S. legal limit).

But laser pointer light is highly concentrated into a very narrow beam. Moreover, this beam is highly collimated, meaning it diverges (spreads out) very slowly. Laser pointers typically emit a beam about a millimeter in diameter. Even as far as a kilometer away, the beam is no more than a meter across. For stargazing applications, a 5-mW green laser is completely adequate.

Green laser pointers have become a popular consumer item, delivering light that's brighter to the eye than red lasers, but stories have circulated on the web about the potential hazards of inexpensive models.An article on Tuesday about eye doctors' warnings of hazards from high-powered green laser pointers misstated part of the name of the physicians' association whose spokeswoman said it was unaware of any increase in eye injuries caused by lasers.


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